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We are always looking out for people who are energetic. If you want to apply to us, please email your introduction to
       We expect our consultants to have good communication skills and attitude.
       Experience from recruitment is not necessar.
       We value integrity and use this as the "absolute" basic criterion of screening out applicants.

There is evidence of company pride and loyalty people know where they
stand with their seniors.

All employees like working here.

Environment of Aquarius is very encouraging, motivating, encourage team bonding,
Build trust by providing them opportunities to learn new skills &
outstanding work environment.

Aquarius helps to grow each other, understand each other in terms of professionalism,
give enough space to individual motivation, and a healthy team work helps to
dedicate potential is an ideal working.

It's ideal job consists of a workplace where I can grow not only professionally but
intellectually, where my own ideas are received as well as innovative ideas.
Where my knowledge and work is appreciated in terms of having an
economic stability and security within the organization.

Senior consultant at Aquarius
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